London: “Yeah, Come Around My Way”

Glee Club Travel

This past year, I have had the amazing opportunity to experience Europe on two separate occasions: the first, when I studied abroad in London throughout Fall Semester, and the second with my Glee Club bro’s just over two months ago (Wow, summer has really flown by!). So, when we hopped …

Glee ClubLondon: “Yeah, Come Around My Way”

Sir, You’ve had far too much Rosé: a Parisian Adventure

Rahul Ramani Travel

It’s sad—almost depressing, even—how beautiful Europeans are. Everyone seems to have stepped right off of a runway and onto the sidewalk. How dare they? Because beside them, there’s me—all lanky and ethnic with my posse of pale, singing teens. So, yeah, I felt a little out of place. Whatever. That’s …

Rahul RamaniSir, You’ve had far too much Rosé: a Parisian Adventure

Ljubljana…Where is that, exactly?

Stuart Streit Travel

For those of you reading this who have never heard of Ljubljana or its parent nation, Slovenia, we should probably start off with a few facts about the two: Ljubljana (lyoo-BLYAH-nah) is the capital city of Slovenia. Ljubljana’s population is only a little less than 283,000; meaning it is approximately …

Stuart StreitLjubljana…Where is that, exactly?

The Spain Experience

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By the end of my sophomore year, I had begun to feel like I had figured out the entire Glee Club experience. I had hundreds of rehearsals, four tours, dozens of concerts, and scores of smaller performances under my belt, as well as a bevy of dinners, hay rides, beach …

Glee ClubThe Spain Experience