Along the Banks of the Royal Canal

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Usually on the Xochimilco Canals, the Mariachi bands ride boats and attach themselves to the tourists’ boats to perform for them. I think the Glee Club may be the first group to have ever done the reverse and docked onto a Mariachi band’s and sang for them instead. I’ll never …

Glee ClubAlong the Banks of the Royal Canal

Our Journey West-Ward

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Greetings everyone! My name is Joey Richelsen and I am a Freshman in the Notre Dame Men’s Glee Club. As a naive rookie, (I joined the club this semester), I went into tour experience with vague expectations. To say that those expectations were blow away is still an understatement! My …

Glee ClubOur Journey West-Ward

Spring Tour 2022

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The Notre Dame Glee Club is excited to announce its 2022 Spring Tour! After a fun and exciting fall tour through the Mid-Atlantic, we are now preparing to embark on a nearly 2,000 mile journey through the Midwest that will begin just one week from today. We hope you will …

Glee ClubSpring Tour 2022

Thank You Fall Tour 2021

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Hi everyone!  My name is Josh Vo and I am a freshman in Glee Club!  This fall tour was such an incredible experience and I am so grateful to have taken a part in it. While I could talk all day about everything we did, I thought I’d narrow it …

Glee ClubThank You Fall Tour 2021

Tour with the Lads

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Hi! My name is Danny O’Brien, and I am a sophomore in Glee Club. Although I’m a sophomore, this was my first tour—and what a tour it was. On Saturday, October 16 clubbers from across campus trekked to the bookstore and boarded the tour bus, helmed by the famed Randy.  …

Glee ClubTour with the Lads

Fall Tour 2021

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After a year-and-a-half-long hiatus, the long-awaited return of touring has finally arrived. In just four short days, the men of the Notre Dame Glee Club will be bound for Rochester, New York in commencement of the 2021 Fall Tour. The tour will progress through the Mid-Atlantic, sharing the joys of …

Glee ClubFall Tour 2021

How We Left It

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Spring tour ended abruptly, with the University announcing the cancellation of in person classes mid-tour. What did it mean for tour? For the rest of the semester? Jack Lyons, a Glee Club member, reflects on the how tour ended in his essay, “How We Left It” for Notre Dame Magazine. …

adminHow We Left It

2016 Spring Tour

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  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go on Spring Tour with the Glee Club? It’s hard describing the experience of a fall or spring tour, so I decided try and show our fans the fun and tiring adventure that our spring tour is.  Even though it’s …

Glee Club2016 Spring Tour

London: “Yeah, Come Around My Way”

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This past year, I have had the amazing opportunity to experience Europe on two separate occasions: the first, when I studied abroad in London throughout Fall Semester, and the second with my Glee Club bro’s just over two months ago (Wow, summer has really flown by!). So, when we hopped …

Glee ClubLondon: “Yeah, Come Around My Way”