Looking Ahead: A Preview of our Spring Tour

Glee Club Travel

The Notre Dame Glee Club is proud to disembark on our annual Spring Tour starting tomorrow morning, beginning in Denver, Colorado. We will make our way through Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins, and Boulder before making it to Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico next weekend! While some of us learn to ski for the first time on the snowy slopes of Colorado, others will be preparing their best renditions of the “Elements” song, sung by celebrities like Daniel Radcliffe and on shows such as The Big Bang Theory and Better Call Saul. Listen to to senior John French answer: What’s so bad about a good ol’ pool hall? and enjoy Irish classics on topics ranging from love to war. Splendor in seven-part polyphony and revel in a top-notch time, coming to you this upcoming week! Reserve tickets for Denver here.

Glee ClubLooking Ahead: A Preview of our Spring Tour