Tour with the Lads

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Hi! My name is Danny O’Brien, and I am a sophomore in Glee Club. Although I’m a sophomore, this was my first tour—and what a tour it was. On Saturday, October 16 clubbers from across campus trekked to the bookstore and boarded the tour bus, helmed by the famed Randy.  …

Glee ClubTour with the Lads

Fall Tour 2021

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After a year-and-a-half-long hiatus, the long-awaited return of touring has finally arrived. In just four short days, the men of the Notre Dame Glee Club will be bound for Rochester, New York in commencement of the 2021 Fall Tour. The tour will progress through the Mid-Atlantic, sharing the joys of …

Glee ClubFall Tour 2021

Lent at Notre Dame

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Cold weather can’t stop us from rehearsing! You can find a selection of music for this Lenten season below.

adminLent at Notre Dame

Spreading Christmas Cheer

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The featured photo was taken during Christmas Caroling in 2018. With Christmas right around the corner, we hope to spread the joy of Christmas and the holiday season with you all! Merry Christmas!

adminSpreading Christmas Cheer

How We Left It

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Spring tour ended abruptly, with the University announcing the cancellation of in person classes mid-tour. What did it mean for tour? For the rest of the semester? Jack Lyons, a Glee Club member, reflects on the how tour ended in his essay, “How We Left It” for Notre Dame Magazine. …

adminHow We Left It

A New Year: 2019 Auditions

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Men of Notre Dame, Welcome (or welcome back!) to Notre Dame. We are the Co-Presidents of the Notre Dame Glee Club, and we’d like to invite you to join our ranks. What is the Glee Club? A university tradition established in 1915, the Notre Dame Glee Club is a 60-man, all-male …

Tim JacklichA New Year: 2019 Auditions

Christmas Arrives at Notre Dame

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We had a blast singing with the Notre Dame Symphony Orchestra this past Friday for our annual Christmas Concert! If you missed the concert and/or want to relive the experience, you can listen to us and the orchestra using the video below. Have a merry Christmas and a happy New …

adminChristmas Arrives at Notre Dame

Chilly Weather, Warm Voices: Fall Concert 2018

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This past Friday, the Glee Club gathered at the Leighton Concert Hall in the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center to perform their annual fall concert. Although it was 28°F outside, it didn’t stop us from singing and it certainly didn’t stop concert-goers. The featured music for this concert ranged from classical German …

adminChilly Weather, Warm Voices: Fall Concert 2018