First Revue Experience: Through the Eyes of a First Year

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Hello, fans of the Notre Dame Glee Club! Web editor and Glee Club sophomore Pierce here, excited to bring to you a multi-part series entitled “Through the Eyes of a First Year.” In this edition of the series, we will follow a first-year, affectionately known as a rookie, as he experiences his first Revue performance before the first home game all the way to his last Revue of the 2023 football season and monitor what this Glee Club staple is like for our new members! Today we hear from Ben Rohr:

My first Notre Dame Glee Club Revue experience was one of dreams coming true. I have seen the Glee Club perform in front of the great Hesburgh Library and Touchdown Jesus many times whether it was going to see my brother as a member the last two years or as a little kid going with my dad as he sang along to the songs he sang years before However, getting to experience the performance as a member of the club was all the better. The excitement I felt from the guys around me and the crowd in front of me for the first home game of a new season of Notre Dame football was unforgettable. For me, getting the opportunity to be a part of the tradition was a dream come true. While my familiarity with the music I was singing was just beginning, causing me to lean on the binder in my hands here and there, it did not detract from the joy I felt during my time on the stage. I can only imagine how much more fun it will be once I know the music like the back of my hand like the rest of the group does. My nerves were quickly washed away with the energy I got from the atmosphere I was in. I can not wait to do it again and again for the next four years of Irish football.

Glee ClubFirst Revue Experience: Through the Eyes of a First Year