Spring Tour 2023

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The Notre Dame Glee Club is excited to announce its 2023 Spring Tour! Seeking a break from the chilly South Bend winter, we are preparing to embark on a 1,500 mile journey through Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee that will begin in just a few weeks. We hope you will join us at one of our eight concerts! The itinerary for the Spring Tour is listed below, with additional information listed in the “Concerts” tab.

March 11th – Fort Lauderdale, FL

March 12th – Orlando, FL

March 13th – St. Simmons Island, GA

March 14th – Savannah, GA

March 15th – Hilton Head, GA

March 16th – Raleigh, NC

March 17th – Asheville, NC

March 18th – Nashville, TN

Glee ClubSpring Tour 2023