Europe Tour Recap

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Europe Tour Recap

Our recent trip around Europe was extraordinary and casualty-free. We were fortunate to steer clear of all travel issues (with the exception of one particularly long day in the Alps of Switzerland that featured multiple illegal hairpin U-turns on narrow alpine roads) while experiencing the world in a truly new perspective. The tour was a whirlwind—one of the longer and more expansive in recent Glee Club history, according to Fr. Driscoll’s memory—so we were glad for the occasional time to relax or lounge in Hungarian thermal baths.

As is only natural, there are far too many memories to disclose in one newsletter, so we’ve published individual accounts of each stop on our blog at the new website. Anyone interested in hearing the viewpoints and voices of current Glee Club members should check these out! Once again, a huge thanks goes out to anyone and everyone who helped put together this historic trip.


Soren Kyhl,

Publicity Manager

Soren KyhlEurope Tour Recap